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KrackaToa Partners Web Services combine over 26 years of experience in Computers, Marketing, Design, Fine Art and Special Events.

Give your clients the easiest and fastest way to find you on the Internet. Get the best of both worlds - Design and Technical Expertise. A
ffordable introductory rates for our South Pacific clients and GetOnBoard Members!

  • Web Site Design
    Services include:
    • Market Analysis
    • Content Development
    • Web Site Design
    • User Testing
    • Implementation





    How Important is Web Marketing and Business Planning?

    • Your site is built, its fast, functional and artistic. How will the search engines find your site?
    • After the search engine finds you, how will YOUR clients find you in the search results list of thousands: How will your site list in the top 40?
    • Your web site generates large hit counts. Now what? How to leverage hit rates and site visitation statistics into buyers.
    • Everybody is linking to everybody. What is good business strategy? Partner and affiliation programs: Choosing links that generate revenue.
    • My company wants web presence, but does not want to be found by EVERYBODY. Can you create an auto referring, niche marketing plan?

    • Your web site is one large piece of your company strategy: How will your company integrate web strategies into it's overall business plan?
    • You've got a list of friends and repeat clients. How to leverage mailing lists, existing clients and database management for success.
    • You want training in business, computer and web issues? KrackaToa offers training time on-site and on-line, on-demand!

      Contact us for further information.

      A successful web site requires all of these components applied strategically with consistency. If you use only certain areas of KrackaToa expertise, make sure to apply marketing and business plans to maximize the success of your site!

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